4 Misconceptions Associated with Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you know where your dryer vent is located? If we took a poll, a lot of people would probably say it’s the lint trap that they clean out after every load of laundry. Others might say it’s the hose that connects the dryer to wall. In actuality, your dryer vent system includes the hose that runs from your dryer, through the wall(s) and to the vent hood that’s located on the exterior of your home. This is just one misconception people have when it comes to dryer vents. Below are 4 misconceptions concerning the need for dryer vent cleaning.

  1. Dryer vents don’t need to be cleaned. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, clothes dryers caused an estimated 6,000 residential fires from 2010 to 2012. Of these 6,000 residential fires, on average, 10 deaths and 210 injuries occurred. And these fires caused an estimated $79.3 million in damages. The failure to remove lint buildup in the dryer vent system is the number one reason for dryer fires.
  2. I always clean out my dryer vent before I dry a load of clothes, so I don’t need dryer vent cleaning. Only about 70% of the lint in your dryer is trapped in the lint trap. The rest is blown through your dryer vent system where it can build up on the walls of your vent hose over time – eventually causing a variety of problems.
  3. The lint that doesn’t get trapped in the lint trap is expelled outside my home. Unfortunately, a clothes dryer only has so much power to push wet, heavy lint so far. Therefore, it’s inevitable that some of it is going to get left behind in your dryer vent system. In fact, as lint builds up in your dryer vent, the air flow is reduced even more, causing even more lint buildup.
  4. I’m getting a new dryer. I don’t need to clean my vents. When you get rid of your old dryer, that’s the best time to have your dryer vents cleaned by a trained service professional, like those with T.J.’s Chimney Service. After all, you want your new dryer to operate at its maximum efficiency. But if the vent system is clogged with lint buildup, your new dryer isn’t going to work as efficiently as you would like. In fact, some newer models of dryers are designed with a shut off. So if the vent doesn’t have the proper air flow needed for the dryer to work safely and efficiently, the dryer will shut off.

To make sure your dryer is working safely and efficiently, have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. Contact T.J.’s Chimney Service, located in Greenfield, Ind., to schedule your dryer vent inspection and cleaning today!