Chimney Caps Keep Out Birds and Animals

Have you heard flapping or scratching sounds coming from your chimney? You may have a bird or animal trapped inside your chimney. Birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, cats, snakes, barn owls, ducks and geese have all been known to fly, crawl, slither or fall down an open flue. And dealing with these birds and animals can be stressful, not only for you, but for the bird or animal as well.

Trapped birds and animals can result in various problems for a homeowner:

  • Noise.
  • Bird mite, bed bug and/or meal worm infestations.
  • Exposure to a possible rabid, ferocious animal.
  • Possible contact to raccoon feces which can contain the eggs of a roundworm parasite, bayliscaris procyonis. Exposure to this parasite can be deadly to people.
  • Damage due to live birds and animal getting into your home.
  • Horrific smell caused by dead birds or animals.
  • Fly infestation because of dead birds or animals.
  • Nesting materials can cause a fire hazard.
  • A blocked flue due to nests, debris and dead birds or animals can lead to a fatal carbon monoxide buildup when the furnace is turned back on.

If you discover birds nesting in your chimney, don’t disturb them. Some birds, like chimney swifts, are protected by law. Once they have left the nest, our professional chimney sweeps at T. J.’s Chimney Service can remove the nest.

If you find a live wild animal in your flue, don’t try to get the animal out yourself. You risk injury and possible exposure to rabies if you get bit. Contact a licensed animal removal specialist to remove it.

To prevent animals and birds from getting into your chimney flue, a heavy-duty, stainless steel chimney cap with a protective screen can help keep these critters out. But a chimney cap installation is best done by professionals, like T. J.’s Chimney Service, located in Greenfield, IN. Our knowledgeable chimney specialists can select the right-sized cap for your chimney and install it for you, saving you the time and hassle of finding the right-sized cap, having the proper tools, climbing up and down ladders to the roof of your home, and having the know-how to correctly perform the job. Plus our high-quality chimney caps carry a lifetime warranty and require little maintenance. Contact T. J.’s Chimney Service today at 317-455-5310 to schedule your chimney cap installation.