Evolution of the Chimney

In this day and age many chimneys are used to add character to a home. They haven’t always been for decoration though. Chimneys have evolved over the decades and have become more detailed over the years. According to the article “Quick History: The Evolution of the Chimney” written by Anna Hoffman, the first chimney was an open hearth in the middle of the room that was used to cook meals and were huddled around for warmth at night.

Fast forward a few decades and we start to see the chimneys that we are used to seeing today. As buildings were made larger they had to adapt and rethink the chimney concept of heating a building. Intricate ventilation systems were created to allow smoke out while still heating each room in the house or building.  Chimneys have come quite a long way and have improved over the years. With the use of flues they were able to prevent homes from filling with smoke and causing health risks for the residents. Many other improvements have been made over the years as well.

Fireplaces have become less common in newer homes. Instead residents depend on central air or gas fireplaces to heat their homes. Gas fireplaces have allowed homeowners the opportunity to have a fireplace without having to worry about the upkeep of a wood fireplace, but still are able to create the same warmth and feel. If a home does not have an existing fireplace a gas fireplace allows the homeowner the ability to add one without any extreme home renovations.

Here at TJ’s Chimney Service we offer a list of options to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a wood fireplace, gas stove, or gas fireplace we would be more than happy to assist you and find the right product to fit your needs .