How Santa Gets Down the Chimney

How does Santa make it down the chimney? It’s a common question among curious children this time of year. Kids may not have the worldly knowledge yet, but their better sense tells them that a man of Santa’s girth could have difficulty squeezing down a slim chimney, not to mention climbing back up. Definitive proof will always be hard to come by. Fortunately, there’s a scientific theory that may ease their young minds.

According to a professor at the University of Chicago, molecular bonds have a lot of empty space. If Santa has found a way to reduce that space between an atom’s nucleus and the surrounding electrons, he could decrease his size and slip through. Santa’s a smart guy, so this concept seems like a very plausible scenario.

The next logical question then is, “What about the suit?” Santa’s body may be modified but that doesn’t explain his bulky outfit. The key is nanotechnology. It’s irrefutable that Santa is a science wiz, so of course he’d have it figured out. Santa has obviously determined a way to reduce the size of his suit in tandem with his shifting body composition.

As for climbing back up the chimney, it’s well known that Santa is incredibly strong. Training reindeer and carrying all those toys year after year has given the guy some serious muscles.

The next time your kids ask how Santa gets down the chimney, chalk it up to science. Having a clean chimney also doesn’t hurt.

Merry Christmas!