Is Smoke A Problem?

Is smoke a problem when you use your fireplace? There are many reasons why your fireplace can smoke and many of these reasons are easily fixed. One reason is that the damper may not be opening all the way. If this is the case call a professional and have them check and repair or replace it. It may also be time for a chimney cleaning. This will help remove any creosote from building up and will help your chimney draft better. A proper cleaning will also reduce smells and eliminate potential fires. If you have made any home improvements such as installed new windows, added insulation, or made any other structural changes to the interior/exterior of the home you could have changed the pressure in your home. This can be remedied by turning on exhaust fans or closing doors to some of the rooms in your home. If you your fireplace only smokes when you start a fire you may want to check and make sure that all the windows in your house are closed and turn fans, clothes dryer, and furnace off. If that does not work try closing doors in the home to reduce the air volume especially a basement door. In some instances smoke can leak out of the top of your fireplace. One way to fix this is to add a smoke guard to reduce the size of your fireplace opening and create a proper draft. Sometimes a fireplace can smoke sporadically this can be caused by open doors, an open window, dryer, or anything that could affect the air pressure in your home. This can be fixed by ensuring that all windows are closed and your dryer is turned off. A professional will be able to better asses why your fireplace is smoking and will be able to recommend improvements that can be made to eliminate the smoke.