Making Your Fireplace The Focal Point

Once you have had your fireplace cleaned by a professional you may be ready to use it more often and show it off. If your fireplace tends Fireplaceto be the meeting ground for your family and friends you will want to make sure you make it the central focus when setting up your room. First you will want to start off by cleaning the brick around your fireplace. We discussed the way to do this a few blogs back. Once this is completed it is time to start placing your furniture in place. There is no right or wrong way to bring attention to your fireplace. The only rule here is to make it the focal point. That does not mean you need to hide it with large furniture or shelves. Simplicity is the key and goal here. If you have large furniture place that piece in such a way that it will emphasize the fireplace. You can either place this piece of furniture facing the fireplace or next to one side of the fireplace. Look around your house as well. There may be a piece of furniture or some items that will help highlight and draw attention to your fireplace. Another idea is to decorate your fireplace with the seasons. In the summer you can add flowers or hang a painting above the fireplace that has bright colors. Don’t forget to bring the mantel into the mix. If you do not have a mantel you can easily build a shelf just above the fireplace. This will allow you to showcase some of your favorite pictures or keepsakes. If your fireplace is in a corner or in a space that is hard to create the look you are wanting then don’t worry about placing furniture around it. Use smaller items instead. There is so much you can do just tap into your creative side.