Troubleshooting Tips for Gas Fireplace Problems

There’s nothing quite like a gas fireplace for convenience. Flip the switch and you have an instant fire, adding warmth and ambiance to your home. But what happens when you flip the switch and nothing happens? Below are some tips to help you troubleshoot this problem and others with your propane or natural gas log fireplace.

  •  Check to make sure the gas fireplace wall switch is turned on.
  •  Look to see if your home’s gas shutoff switch is turned on. If not, turn it on and restart the fireplace.
  • Inspect the pilot light to see if it’s gone out. If so, make sure the gas value is turned on. Relight the pilot according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. However, if you smell gas, do not light the pilot.
  • Examine your gas tank to see if it’s empty, or check to see if your utility company has turned off your gas.
  • Inspect the fireplace vent cap if you feel a draft that could have blown out the pilot light. Make sure the cap is in place.
  • If the pilot light is on, but the burner won’t turn on, make sure the thermostat is on and that the current room temperature is below the thermostat setting.
  • If you smell a gas odor, make sure the fireplace damper is open to properly ventilate the fumes up the chimney.
  • If you smell a strong gas odor and the fireplace damper is open, don’t use your fireplace and contact your gas company or a gas fireplace service technician to determine if you have a gas leak.
  • If you turn on your gas fireplace and your carbon monoxide detector goes off, turn off your fireplace immediately and don’t use it again until you’ve had a professional chimney sweep, like T. J.’s Chimney Service in Greenfield, IN, inspect and sweep your chimney. You likely have a bird or animal nest in your flue blocking airflow.
  • If you think you may have another mechanical problem with your gas fireplace, have it inspected and repaired by a gas fireplace service company to ensure the problem is fixed correctly for your safety.

While gas is generally a clean-burning fuel, the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you have your fireplace and chimney inspected at least once year to make sure it’s operating properly and clear of any debris and obstructions. As a certified CSIA chimney sweep, the professionals at T. J.’s Chimney Service can inspect and sweep your gas-burning chimney to make sure it’s functioning at peak performance. Contact them online or at 317-455-5310 to schedule your appointment today.