What Is That Smell?

Have you ever been entertaining friends in your home or enjoying a quiet evening with your family and all of a sudden you get a whiff of 952_wpm_lowresan unpleasant odor but can’t pin point where it is coming from? Have you checked your fireplace? An odor can begin to build up for various reasons in your fireplace. To fix this problem we highly recommend that you contact a professional to first find the exact spot the odor is coming from, and also to discuss what the perfect remedy will be for your fireplace. Reasons why there is an odor include, creosote buildup. We have talked about the dangers of creosote in the past and it is very important to have this removed from your fireplace. If not removed creosote can settle into the masonry work of your fireplace and will cause a foul odor to be released into your home. Creosote is flammable and can cause a house fire. In order to keep your family safe it is recommended that you have your fireplace inspected and cleaned once a year or more depending on how much you use your fireplace.  Animals can also cause your fireplace to smell. In the winter months some birds and raccoons search for a warm place to live and your fireplace is a great place for them. It is important to remove any nesting animals because they can carry certain diseases and it could pose a health risk if you or your family comes into contact with them. It is better to live on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of your family. Moisture is another cause of odor. If you have a leaky cap or damper rain can leak into your fireplace and cause moisture buildup. These issues can easily be remedied with the help of a chimney specialist. They will know what you will need to get rid of the smell and ensure that you don’t have any more issues with odor.