When Should You Repair or Replace Your Chimney Cap?

stork-675308_1280When was the last time you or a professional chimney sweep – like those at T. J.’s Chimney Service – inspected the chimney cap covering your chimney or flue? Last year? A few years ago? Never?

A chimney cap is the rectangular or round device that fits onto the top of your chimney or flue. Chimney caps have a flat, rounded or peaked roof on top and mesh screens around the sides. They can be made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper or aluminum. Depending upon the style of the chimney cap you have installed and the material it’s made from, chimney caps can last from a few years to a lifetime.

Some signs that it’s time to repair or replace your chimney cap include:

  • Your chimney cap has blown off or loosened during a storm or strong winds.
  • The top of your chimney cap is warped and is pulling away from the sides.
  • The chimney cap or mesh screen is heavily rusted.
  • There are holes in the screens or the screens are separating from the rest of the cap, enabling birds and animals to get in.
  • Creosote has built up on the screens.
  • The turbines on a draft-enhancing chimney cap are clogged or have stopped turning.
  • You’ve had a chimney fire that’s warped and damaged the chimney cap.
  • Water is leaking in around your flue.
  • Debris has gotten in and clogged your flue.

If any of these conditions exist, the professionals at T. J.’s Chimney Service, located in Greenfield, Ind., can inspect your chimney cap and flue and evaluate the situation. They can give you a recommendation on whether your chimney cap can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

However, don’t worry. Our professionals can offer options based on your needs and budget. New chimney caps range in price from around $40 to over $100, depending upon the style and cap construction materials. Aluminum and galvanized steel chimney caps are usually less expensive than stainless steel or copper caps. However, stainless steel chimney caps are more durable and often come with a lifetime warranty.

But, don’t wait too long to take action if you’re experiencing any of the chimney cap problems above. A damaged chimney cap makes your chimney vulnerable to water damage which can lead to crumbling mortar in your chimney walls or rusted metal components inside your chimney.

Contact the chimney cap experts at T. J.’s Chimney Service today to schedule your chimney cap inspection.