Why DIY Chimney Cleaning is a Bad Idea

As homeowners, we’re always pleasantly surprised when a do-it-yourself project ends well. Building a bookshelf, installing a light fixture, or replacing a faucet – there’s a substantial amount of pride in that kind of accomplishment. But some areas of home upkeep and repair are best left to the experts, including chimney cleaning.

A Minnesota town recently purchased several chimney sweep brushes for the public to use. While the idea is noble and well-intentioned, there’s a big difference between knowing the basic steps of cleaning a chimney and being trained to complete the job properly.

Alone, you may be able to clean some of the build-up inside your chimney, but it’s unlikely that you’ll do a thorough job. An experienced technician, on the other hand, can administer a correct cleaning that will not only take care of all the debris within your chimney, but also complete a full inspection.

Your chimney has several components that, if not maintained, can become safety concerns. Improper cleaning and inspection can lead to fires or an inability of smoke and hazardous waste to escape your home. When it comes to the safety of you and your family, consider what’s most important. Would you prefer to be frugal and increase your risk or spend the money to have a certified chimney sweep do the job correctly? What’s the value of peace of mind?

By no means are we saying you should abandon your desire for DIY home improvement. But when safety is a concern, you’re better off relying on an expert.